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The Disease of Kings: The Raw Food Nutritional Basis for The Rise & Fall of Civilizations

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The Disease of Kings: The Raw Food Nutritional Basis for The Rise & Fall of Civilizations
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معرفی اجمالی :

Over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries, statistics on autoimmune diseases, cancers, heart-disease, infertility, and mental illness have skyrocketed. Additionally, there has been a general loss of virility, loss of sexual dimorphism, and loss of physical prowess amongst the peoples of The Western Nations. The nature of the physical and psycho-spiritual degeneration we are witnessing in the collective west today, are resemblant of the terminal period in all great civilizations of human history. True health becomes scarce, noble ideals are near extinction, a type of anarchy permeates the social structures of the society. Are there biological causes which initiate the terminal period of great civilizations, culminating in physical, intellectual and spiritual decay? Polymath Varis Ahmad proposes that raw food nutrition is a key biological force in the development and blossoming of human culture and consciousness. Raw food nomadic conquerers have been the primary drivers of human achievement, development and cultural progress. Drawing on historical contexts, he parallels the rise of great civilizations with raw food nomads, who conquer settled people subsisting on cooked foods. Nomadic conquerers have historically conquered settled civilizations when settled cultures enter a period of decline. The raw food nomadic conquerers birth new life into the civilization. They establish royal dynasties which sponsor and patronize the arts and sciences, culminating in very high level culture. With time they lose their ancestral taste, and instead subsist on cooked foods and develop an appetite for the tantalizing taste of civilized cuisines. Over several generations, they undergo physical, intellectual and cultural decline, only to be conquered by a fresh wave of raw food nomads who inject new life into the culture. Varis Ahmad catalogues an ethnographical history of raw food cultures, and the superior martial prowess and regal natures which they exhibited. He synthesizes this historical study with the monumental work and scientific research of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Dr. Weston A. Price DDS, and Dr. Franscis Pottenger MD. The findings of these aforementioned luminaries brought to light the science of raw food nutrition, and it’s necessitation in developing optimum human potential. In light of their contemporary scientific findings, we can analyze the rise and fall of civilizations with a new context and through a new lens. More importantly, we can come to understand the physical and cultural decline of our contemporary period. With the study of this book, one can conclude that the adherence to natural laws and inclusion of some amount of raw foods, develop body’s and cultures capable of embodying and expressing a higher human type. A forewarning to readers. This book is not fit for the feeble minded, sensitive, frail hearted, and cowardly. This work patronizes aspects of reality which are alien and foreign to modern soy-culture. This knowledge is of use to only those who admire and strive for human excellence, and for those who are capable of confronting the many uncomfortable realities of modernity.

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